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Lord Burghley’s Hospital

Was established in c. 1170-80 to cater for the relief of travellers and the local poor and sick. The hospital was administered by Peterborough Abbey, but by the end of the 15th century its almshouse function was virtually redundant. After the Dissolution of the monesteries by Henry VIII the hospital was bought by William Cecil and part of it was maintained as an Almshouse until 1597 when the then Lord Burghley formally endowed it. The new almshouse catered for 13 old men with one serving as warden.

Today Lord Burghley’s Hospital is home to both men and women who have lived and worked in Stamford for a number of years.

There is no defined time for those who have lived and worked in Stamford, it is at the Trustees discretion to determine whether an applicant is eligible.

Lord Burghley’s Hospital is a charity and run in accordance with the Charity Commission and Almshouse Association guidelines.

The Charity is administered by voluntary Trustees.


Lady Dorothy Cecil

The beneficiaries for the Lady Dorothy Cecil Trust are children or students who attend or have attended any school in the local parishes of Stamford.  The Trustees award bursaries or maintenance allowances or provide other financial assistance to beneficiaries tenable at any school, university or other institution.

Over recent years Trustees have awarded bursaries to a variety of young people, all local to Stamford.  Each case is considered carefully at an annual Trustees meeting and funds often enable beneficiaries to develop in sport, music, arts or even travel

Collyweston Stone Slaters’ Trust

Collyweston stone slate has been used as a roofing material since the Roman times.  It is named after the village of Collyweston, just outside Stamford in Northamptonshire, which lies in the centre of the area in which the slate is quarried.  From the middle ages until the 19th century it was used on almost all buildings within ten miles of the quarries and on prestigious buildings further afield.

There are a number of old and future Collyweston quarry sites across Burghley Estate, although none are currently working.  Many estate buildings have Collyweston Slate roofs, including parts of Burghley House. The Burghley Estate Director is a Council Member of the Trust which aims to advance the education of the public and to promote greater knowledge and understanding of the skills of the Collyweston Stone Slaters and its production.  The Trust also aims to assist in the conservation of the environment particularly in areas where Collyweston Stone Slate is sued as at natural roofing material on buildings of architectural interest and places of worship.

Applications should be made to Mrs Miranda Rock c/o Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 3JY.