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Lion Bridge

Constructed as part of the Capability Brown Park landscape, the preservation

of the Lion Bridge is testimony to the continual commitment of the Burghley House refurbishment programme.

In recent years Lion Bridge has undergone extensive restoration works to both elevations as well as a substantial amount of replacement stone to the underside of the arches. This two year project overseen by our Clerk of Works involved architects, structural engineers and both in house and external stone masons.

lion bridge Burghley

The required works were made apparent following a quinquennial inspection in 2005. It was highlighted that a number of areas were in need of attention and works included substantial iron works, extensive cleaning, decalcifying and replacing masonry in damaged areas.

restoration of the lion bridge at Burghley House

Architectural features such as Lion Bridge are in need of constant monitoring, subsequently maintenance of such historic assets is ongoing and we are currently researching our options to ensure the arches are protected from water leaching through the road surface.