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Repairing & restoring Burghley House

The harsh winters in recent years have taken its toll on stonework across the country and Burghley House has not escaped unscathed. During recent years a considerable amount of stone repair and replacement has been undertaken at Burghley House, particularly on the roof elevations.

This restoration included a number of decorative finials that were worked
and fitted to the north and south elevations of the House. Worn balustrades
were replaced around the roofline, and whilst some are historical and some are replicas, there is an ongoing program to replace such replicas with authentic stonework.

The view to continue the chimney repair programme that started on the south elevation in 2011 has been realised with extensive stone replacement to two further chimneys in 2012.

Lion statues have also been repaired.

repairing burghley

repairing Burghley house